Personal Training

Those who have never attended a gym will feel very comfortable getting acquainted by using the services of a personal trainer while those who are advanced will benefit from precision exercises to advance their existing regimen.

  • Programs for Beginners
  • Programs for Advanced
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Our nationally certified massage therapists offers a variety of services for your therapeutic and emotional needs. Make an appointment for that nagging sore spot, or just treat yourself to a relaxing foot massage.

  • Seated Massage
  • Relaxation & Deep Tissue Services
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We want to make sure that your nutrition is woking to your metabolic advantage by designing a plan that works for you. Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, we will educate you as to your particular goal.

  • Weight Loss & General Health
  • Competition Preparation
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Online Training

Our training can produce results in person or in your own comfort zone via the internet. We will provide you with customized printable workouts, nutritional plans, phone consultations and even video demonstrations.

  • Monthly Training Programs
  • Individual Skype™ Personal Training Sessions
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On-Site Services

Exercise Authorities understands that in today's world time is at a premium. With that understanding we can bring our services to your home, corporation or small business. We offer services including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Massage and Training
  • Corporate Speaking and Education
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Q & A

Do you have questions? We have the answers. There are often many variables to personal training and massage therapy. Here we will address some of the frequently asked questions. As always, if you have further questions, contact us.

  • What To Expect From Us
  • What We Expect From You
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