How do we know when we have succeeded? When we get comments from our satisfied clients.

We build lifetime relationships with our customers from the beginning of their journey, through the rough spots, and then assist in continuing maintenance.

We feel we have accomplished our goal for success when our clients take the time to send us notes like the following:

Kristy's nutritional information on timing and the glycemic index was spot on. It was the missing link to my overall exercise routine.

Prior to that, I had always lifted weights but overall never looked much different then somebody that didn’t lift or exercise. All my muscles were covered by fat.

Kristy helped put me on path that is sustainable and put together an entire picture of how exercise and nutrition fit together.- Tom

Age Before and After: 35

Body Fat Percentage Before: 28%

Body Fat Percentage After: 7.7%


When it comes to getting started both with exercise and a new diet, set relatively short attainable goals. If you need help with nutrition education, spend some time with people who know about it. Don’t think of it as a diet for a certain period that ends when you get there. This is a permanent change to a part of your lifestyle.

Hire a personal trainer and add weight training to your exercise program. In the long run this is not as expensive as you think (I was able to pay for mine with the extra money I had from ordering fewer carry-out pizzas and ice cream cones)!

A trainer will make sure you are doing the exercise properly. This maximizes the benefit and reduces the chance of injury.

I figured if I am going to hit the gym, I should make sure the trip is worth it." - Jeff

Age Before and After: 51

Weight Before: 267

Weight After: 205


I just wanted to tell you that the abdominal workout you started me on two years ago worked wonders for me. I never thought I would tone my abs (because I never had in my life working out on a daily basis), and your workout was dead-on. I remember I saw improvements within the first month.

Now I have reached a slump, and I realize it is because of my diet (exercise can only go so far!). I eat very well-balanced meals, but I enjoy those high glycemic foods WAY too much, and when I read your last e-mail about changing the way you eat, it sparked my interest.

I am totally confident that your Clean Eating will help me lose the excess body fat that I don't need. I will let you know how it's going in a couple months.

Thanks again for all your GENIUS help!"" - Stacy


Although I have never used a personal trainer, I have been an avid member of Franck's Gym now for almost 3 years & have watched all the trainers there during my exercise sessions.  It is because of what I see in Kristy I choose her as my Massage Therapist.  As far as getting a massage goes. Simply put. Don't waste your money going elsewhere!  Kristy's abilities as a professional trainer shines among the best of them. She is courtious, Pays attention to detail, and is very professional!  She takes special care for your personal needs.  What she has done for one of her clients sticks WAY out in my mind.
One day I witnessed a very thin, frail woman enter the gym. She had enough to do just by trying stand with her walker, let alone walk. My first thought's were Oh My God! What happened to this poor woman. ( Later I found out she was in an accident & was in a coma) As she slowly walked up to the counter Kristy came out & met her, Showed her around the gym & began working with her. 
I witnessed a few sessions Kristy had with her & then didn't see them together for maybe a couple months.  Then one day I witnessed this once thin frial woman who used a walker was now performing squats!  My first thought was, "What a miracle"!  All was the result of Kristy's fine training abilities & alot of determination by her client. - Lou  

Hi Kristy, I'm on your newsletter even though I live in New York. I've visited wausau to see my mom, so maybe that's why i received it. I love how you wrote the piece on body types, I just wanted to say kudos. No one ever tells the truth about ectomorphs, as if with exercise you can get your body to look exactly the way you want . And being too thin, or not having curves, isn't all that great --especially at middle age when you're gaining the same belly fat that most people do. It's still takes work to keep fit and healthy. I appreciate the fact you are more straight forward then many women's and health magazines.!" - Ms. New York