Personal Training

We have built our success on our clients' successes. They love the results. They have renewed energy and spirit, are leaner and firmer, and have people noticing. We think you'll love those things too.

Yes, there's a lot of fitness "fluff" out there; extreme claims, hype, phony "before and after" pictures, useless products. Trust us, we don't expect you to buy into anything unless we can prove it to be true with REAL PEOPLE who have shown REAL RESULTS. We'll cut through the small talk and get to what works for you. Looking better, feeling better, performing better (in life, sports, they gym or even bodybuilding and figure competition). That's what you can expect. There's a reason our clients refer their friends and family to us. Isn't it time for those envious looks and perhaps those new, better-fitting clothes? Get in touch with us now to find out what we can do for you.

Training Services

Private Personal Training

The private personal training setting allows for the comfort of learning without the distractions and intimidation of a public gym. Even in a home gym, interruptions can be unavoidable. Many of our clients prefer to have exclusive access to equipment so there is no waiting.

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On-Site Personal Training

Don't have equipment? Let us bring it to you! We can design a workout using exercise bands, and light weights to target all areas of the body. By having us design a custom fitness program for you, we can also identify the equipment that will fit your budget.

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Competition Prep

As an NPC judge and overall winning figure and bodybuilding competitor, Kristy can help you with everything from contest dieting, training, posing, suit selection, competition tanning and even music selection. Have a program designed by a true professional.

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Brides and Grooms

Get in shape for your walk down the aisle! Tell us the date and we will design a training plan to help keep you on track and accountable so you can be in your best shape for your special day. We'll show you and your counterpart that you can learn an exercise program together.

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