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Exercise Authorities offers an online or Skype™ program suited for your individual needs. Programs offered include but are not limited to:

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Online Training Programs

All communication is done by e-mail for this service. Kristy will discuss your particular goals are and customize a training program for you. The possibilities are endless... whether you workout one day a week or six days a week, Kristy will select the exercises to target the muscle groups necessary to train on each specific day to achieve your goal.

Each day's exercise plan will have the designated number of sets and reps with a written description of the exercise to be performed, how intense to perform it and resting guidelines for what weight you should select.

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One Month Training Program


Three Month Training Program

$164.97 (54.99 a month)

Six Month Training Program

$269.94 (44.99 a month)

Skype™ Training Programs

Skype™ allows both Kristy and her clients to work together no matter what the distance. Many of her clients travel and enjoy keeping on track even when they can't train with her in person. You will need a Skype account and a webcam in your home gym or general location for Kristy to oversee and guide you through your workouts.

This also has been a great tool for Kristy's long distance bodybuilding and figure competitors who wish to work through their posing routines to prepare for competition.

These sessions work one of two ways:

1. Kristy will pre-plan your workout and e-mail you the list of exercises you will perform based on your equipment availablity. Both of you then schedule a time for your session, at which point she will make sure your form and execution are correct. Kristy will help by making any necessary modifications, all the while motivating and encouraging you along the way.

2. Tell Kristy what you intend to work on and she will make sure your form and execution are correct. Kristy will add any additional exercises, weight, sets and reps necessary. Email your plan to Exercise Authorities and a time will be scheduled for your workout.

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Custom Workout Plan

First Session $110.00 Follow Up Sessions $60.00

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Your Own Workout Plan

First Session $80.00 Follow up Sessions $60.00

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