Private Training

The private personal training setting allows for the comfort of learning without the distractions and intimidation of a public gym. Even in a home gym, interruptions can be unavoidable. Many of our clients prefer to have exclusive access to equipment so there is no waiting for machines and weights allowing for a perfectly orchestrated workout executed by a professional personal trainer.

Our private studio allows for only 1-2 clients plus the trainer at any given time. No public access is given, so when you are scheduled to be in the studio... it's exclusively for you and no one else!

You'll find it surprisingly easy to focus on yourself and -- with our one-on-one help -- to take control of your body.

Private Personal Training Session Rates

**No Gym Membership Required**

1 Session $55
8 Sessions $360 ($45 ea)
16 Sessions $640 ($40ea)

Packages Must Be Paid In Full

Each Session is Approx 45 to 60 min in length

Ultimate Success Packages

Includes Nutritional Overview

8 Sessions with Nutritional Overview & Fitness Planner $430
16 Sessions with Nutritional Overview & Fitness Planner $710

These ultimate success packages includes a specific exercise and nutritional program developed to precisely suit you!

The nutritional overview will be provided in a very specific written format to show you options of what, how and when to eat foods to balance your nutrition.

Additionally, you will receive a fitness and nutrition record book that allows you to log your progress. The book includes a progress chart, annual workout record, daily workout & nutrition logs and food composition guide.

If you have any additional questions, contact us.