Corporate Massage

Let us bring to you the benefits of chair massage... stress reduction, increased productivity, enhanced mental clarity and work performance. You don't have to undress, you don't need the privacy of a table massage, and you're ready to get back to work feeling refreshed.

1. Your employer can elect to contract our services for a set amount of time and we will work in the number of recipients as required. Most employers host a sign up sheet that informs everyone as to the number of people interested in our service.

The cost is $65 per hour for local destinations. **A destination fee will apply for those locations outside a 7 mile radius from our studio. We will travel to various expositions and events outside of Wisconsin.

Contact us for a quotation.

2. The employer can elect to have our services available at the employees cost. This will require a sign up sheet and/or other method of company communication that informs employees of the date(s)/time(s) our services will be available at the corporate location. The employer only needs to provide the space and communication.

We will do all the rest.

The cost to the employee is $1 per minute for the chair massage.